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Warranty Conditions

T&G Automotive Ltd warrants that the goods will correspond with specification at the time of delivery and will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of entry into service or 18 months from date of unit build, whichever shall be the sooner. For the purpose of this clause “entry into service” shall mean, in the case of goods fitted into a new vehicle, the date of first registration of that vehicle or, in the case of goods used as replacements parts the date the goods are fitted to the vehicle and “date build” shall mean the date shown on the label on the goods. The period calculated in accordance with this clause shall be referred to as the “Warranty Period”
The warranty covers the costs for the replacement of defective components. This warranty does not include the labour and workshop costs for the disassembly and assembly and testing of components. This warranty only applies to damage to the T&G Automotive Ltd products themselves. Consequential damage caused by a defect, in particular towing costs, rental costs for substitute vehicles, claims for loss of profits or claims for damages are excluded from this warranty. Any more extensive liability based on compulsory legal provisions remains unaffected by this.


Exclusions from liability

  • incorrect installation of the air reservoir
  • mechanical damage due to accidents, dropping, impacts,
  • negligent or wilful destruction as well as fire,
  • misuse of the vehicle (for example: overloading, overheating, use abnormal conditions),
  • conversion of parts or modifications to the original T&G part