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General terms and conditions

The T&G Automotive Ltd. provides the information services of personalized services on the basis of terms and conditions. Check out simply by clicking on a link about the terms and conditions of the service:

1. Performance and ensuring the information services
Information that you find on this Web site, has the T&G Automotive Ltd. collected carefully and available with an annual average availability of 97.5%.
The content held on this Web site are for information purposes only and are not legally binding. The information about delivery, appearance, dimensions and weight of the products correspond to the knowledge available at the time of data entry. In this respect, changes are expressly reserved. All equipment and technical data based on the characteristics of the English market.
A part of the information provided with these services reflects the conviction of the T&G management. Unless this information is in the future-oriented statements, is this rule through the use of "expect", "plan", "intend" or other terms made visible. As future developments are subject to different and often not foreseeable factors, no guarantee can be given for the accuracy in the future-oriented statements. An update of these statements will make the management in its sole discretion. The held ready for retrieval and the business information, news, general market data, etc. are intended solely for the information of visitors of the T&G Automotive websites and does not constitute advice or any other recommendation. Insofar as the Web pages contain analysts recommendations, the T&G Automotive Ltd. makes no warranties, in particular for the correctness and completeness of the assumptions underlying these recommendations to fact and conclusions.
Please check the information before using it in any way whatsoever. Binding statements can be placed only on specific requests.

2. Special information services
Please note that some of the information through special portals established and communication services on the Web pages of T&G Automotive Ltd. in addition subject to the terms and conditions of the respective portal.

3. Services of partners
Some of the information services are provided by our partners. Please note that the terms and conditions of our partners apply to these services and taking those no recommendation or guarantee associated with Web pages on the Web pages of the T&G Automotive Ltd.. The T&G Automotive Ltd. is not responsible for this content. This party is not vicarious agents of the T&G Automotive Ltd.

4. Links to third party sites
The T&G Automotive Ltd. Web pages contain links to Web sites operated by third parties. The T&G Automotive Ltd. makes up the pages not adopt third parties through links and is not responsible for their contents.

5. Acceptable use of the services
When you use the copyright are to note name and trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights of third parties. For example the entire Web pages of T&G Automotive Ltd. are protected including featured images and brands such as "T&G automotive". This Web site and these terms and conditions are not to be understood that a license or any other right of intellectual property rights would benefit from the T&G Automotive Ltd.. You agree that any misuse of the services do, in particular

  • to circumvent no security of information services
  • no facilities to take advantage of or run applications that can lead Ltd.oder of other networks to a damage to the facilities or a malfunction of the T&G Automotive Ltd. in particular through changes in the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of T&G automotive or lead,
  • the information services or any part thereof, in other websites, neither private nor commercial, integrate or commercially use the services.

6. Consent in the setting of cookies
The T&G Automotive Ltd. uses cookies during your visit on our Web site. You can use and determine the scope of cookies by your computer setting itself (usually in the Internet browser, for example Internet Explorer, learn more in the area of technical requirements).
The T&G Automotive Ltd. assumes that you agree with the setting of cookies, if your browser so permits. With regard to data protection please refer to please our privacy policy.

7 Links on the pages of the T&G Automotive Ltd.
Placing of hyperlinks on the input side of T&G Automotive websites such as E.g. www.tg-automotive.com is allowed, if

  • the link leads to a complete new load of the page that is referenced, without that the target page in a frame (frame) is used,
  • the T&G Automotive Ltd. within 5 working days after placing the link by sending an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be notified
  • it becomes apparent in the design of the link it was to such a / on the referring page, either the word "Link to the T&G Automotive Ltd." or the title of the corresponding side of the T&G Automoptive Ltd., should be referred to is used in conjunction with the word "Link to the T&G Automotive Ltd.".
  • Different links require before the legislative consent of T&G Automotive Ltd. The T&G Automotive Ltd. reserves the right to prohibit placing links despite compliance with the foregoing obligation.

8. Liability
The T&G Automotive Ltd. liable for intent, gross negligence, according to the product liability law and specifically by the T&G Automotive Ltd. granted warranties. The T&G Automotive Ltd. is liable for slight negligence only for breach of an essential obligation, whereby the amount of these claims is buzz terms limited to the foreseeable damages.

9. Safety when sending messages to the T&G Automotive Ltd.
Should you send an email Automotive Ltd. via your private E-Mail account to the T&G want to, you should note that you must take your own precautions due to the technical structure of the Internet to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the E-Mail content. To do this, you can use E.g. usual encryption software.

If you send an E-Mail directly from the contact area of the T&G Automotive Ltd. want to, so should note that this data is transmitted unencrypted and therefore not warrant the confidentiality and integrity of the E-Mail content can be applied.

10 Change of the scope of services and conditions of use
The T&G Automotive Ltd. reserves, to extend the service or any portion thereof at any time, shorten or modify functionality. The rapid development of the Internet makes it necessary that we make adjustments to these terms and conditions from time to time. Please note the current version of the terms and conditions in this respect.

11 Choice of law
British law, excluding its conflict of law provisions shall apply to the use of services, as well as to these terms and conditions.

And now have fun with the use of the services.