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T&G Automotive Ltd. Air Reservoirs


Originally known as Wright Products, the company was founded in 1981 producing a variety of trailer accessories which included air reservoirs. During the years that followed, it became apparent, that a strong demand for air reservoirs existed within the market and as a result, the air reservoirs became the company’s main focus of attention.
Following the acquisition of Wright Products during 1994 by the family owned business Trenkamp & Gehle, located in North West Germany and the subsequent transfer to Gigant UK Ltd in 1997. A major investment program was under taken into the air reservoir production, leading to the company evolving into the UK market leader for air reservoirs.
Following the sale of Gigant Germany to the Krone group, a decision to change the name of the company in the UK was taken. The new name T&G Automotive Ltd. reflects a historical connection to the founding company Trenkamp & Gehle.

At the production facility in Shildon in excess of 160,000 air reservoirs are manufactured each year for the commercial vehicle market.
We are currently a major supply source to some of the largest truck, trailer & bus original equipment manufacturers and supply chain throughout Europe

Product Information

The air reservoirs are manufactured in accordance with EN286-2:1992 and the company is accredited to ISO9001. Safety values are paramount due to the nature of the application and at T&G Automotive Ltd. we continually strive to ensure our products conform to the highest quality standards.
T&G Automotive Ltd. can offer a wide variation of reservoir volumes ranging from 0.6 litre up to 120 litre, thereby allowing the customer optimum flexibility during vehicle design. Each reservoir is coated with the highest quality anticorrosion protection, using only leading brands to support the durability and life expectancy. The air reservoirs are available in two primary colours Black RAL 9005 and Grey RAL 7022, however other colours are available upon request.

Air Reservoirs with Mounting Brackets

Using air reservoirs with welded brackets offers several benefits to the customer. As the mounting bracket is welded directly to the reservoir and then screwed directly to the chassis, friction between the mounting bracket and reservoir body is eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of surface damage that may eventually lead to premature corrosion.
Reservoirs with welded mounting brackets can also offer a significant labour saving during assembly and also reduce warehouse & procurement costs.

Standard Air Tanks

Volumes ranging from 0.6ltr up to a maximum of 120 litre, our extensive range of strap mounted air reservoirs allow the customer to locate a size corresponding to their exact requirements. We have recently introduced a range of polyamide coated U-Bolts and Saddles which can be fitted without the need to apply additional protection and thereby reducing the risk of corrosion and saving valuable labour costs.

Customer Service

The flexibility of the customer service team at T&G Automotive Ltd. plays a major part in safeguarding our current high customer retention performance. The extensive logistic network allows for speedy deliveries throughout the UK and Europe. In addition, the constant focus toward continual improvement and innovation secures our place in the market.